Sunday Services

We are delighted that we now meeting together in person at our Sunday services. We are, of course, committed to keeping in step with guidelines to create a Covid-safe environment.

As of the 1st August, we longer need to book to come to church. Please just come along to any of the 4 services, leaving plenty of time to find your seat to take control of your environment.

Our 4:15 service is often much quieter, so this is an ideal environment if space is important for you.

Our services will be held:

Mornings at 9.15am and 11.15am*  Please note the 9.15am service is repeated at 11.15am and both include Children’s work for 0-11 year olds.

Evenings at 4.15pm and 6.15pm* The 6.15pm services include youth work for those aged 11-19 either during or after the service.

* for those that are unwell or unable to join with us in the building, these services will be streamed on our website  and on our YouTube Channel


Below is an extract from a letter written to our members and friends on Sunday 25th July.

1. We will continue to be led by government guidance

We will continue to exercise our freedom at church wherever the government gives us freedom. There are now no legal covid-restrictions on gatherings, with wide freedom granted to churches in the way they run on Sundays and throughout the week.

We will still make available, as requested by government guidance, hand sanitiser, masks, and, for those who voluntarily wish to register, the NHS QR code or the opportunity to leave your contact details for ‘Test and Trace.’ We will continue to keep the building well ventilated. You must not come to church if you have covid symptoms, and it is still illegal to come to church if you have tested positive for covid.

In the event that the government rolls back restrictions in the future, we will review what we are doing accordingly.


2. What will this new situation look like for us at Christ Church Dunstable from Sunday 1st August?

è We will have congregational singing in the building.

è Bookings will cease for Sunday services. Pre-pandemic, congregations at our Sunday services occupied on average 50% of the auditorium capacity, so we will encourage people to spread out and use the space to the full. We will have “Please keep this seat free” cards available if you prefer not to have anyone sit close to you, though please note that you may need to arrive early to secure the space that you want.

è We now have freedom to sit with those outside our “bubble” and to be able to chat casually in our seats in the main auditorium.

è Whilst masks are now optional, we encourage you to carry a mask with you and be willing to wear it out of love for one another in Christ when appropriate. Whether you wear a mask during the service itself is entirely your decision.

è The focus for our close fellowship after the service through socialising and intermingling should continue to be outside the building, with refreshments being served outside rather than inside for now.

è During August, we will continue with our 4.15pm service, particularly for the comfort of those in our congregation who prefer to be surrounded by fewer people and therefore have more space.

è We will be recommencing home groups in suitable venues in September, and other small group Bible studies and Prayer Central in the main church building.


3. We have a duty of care, physically and spiritually, to seek to love our neighbour as ourselves

We are God’s household, redeemed and secured through the blood of Jesus (Ephesians 2:14-22). We are family. As such, we are commanded to show grace to each other and to bear with one another in love. The Gospel unites us, so we must not let anything else divide us – and certainly not covid.

è We must be quick to love, and slow to judge. In the light of instructive Bible passages such as Romans 14, it is vital that we do not look down on one another, and do not judge one another, where our brother or sister chooses to exercise their legitimate freedoms differently from us. This includes our view of wearing, or not wearing, masks in services and our view of how much “space” we want to have around us as we sit or stand in church.

è We will be caring to one another as we speak with one another. If the person we are talking to is clearly more comfortable wearing a mask and wishes us to wear one too, we will surely put a mask on gladly to make them feel more comfortable.

è We must continue to be driven by a desire to serve one another in the church community, the Way community, reaching out to those in our town and making Christ Church Dunstable a church that is accessible for as many people as possible.