Complaints at Christ Church Dunstable

At Christ Church Dunstable, we want to encourage a culture of respect, honesty and openness.  Our staff and volunteers strive to care for each individual and to serve everybody – without discrimination – in a way that will please and honour our Lord Jesus.  

However, we will sometimes make mistakes and we realise that may be painful for those affected.  If you have any concerns about the way we do things, please will you let us know?  We should all welcome the opportunity to discuss those concerns, to learn from any mistakes made and to preserve the unity of the church.

As a Christian organisation, we consider it is right that we have a complaints procedure, however, we also hope it will seldom be required.  Before raising a formal complaint through this procedure, we would expect and encourage you to seek resolution informally.  Therefore, in the first instance, please contact the person or people involved and provide them with the opportunity to resolve things. Or, alternatively, as part of resolving matters informally, you may address any concerns with Mark Lawrence, Lead Pastor, or Gareth Mitchell, Associate Pastor.


Our Complaints Policy and Procedures can be found here.