Sermon Series – Numbers

We began a new evening service sermon series on Sunday 26th April in the book of Numbers.

For most of us, lists of names and numbers appear dreadfully dull and can cause us our eyes to glaze over. And there are many lists containing lots of names and numbers in the book of Numbers! So what are we to make of them? Well, lists of numbers go from being incredibly boring to very significant when you’re interested in the story and facts behind them – think of the football fan pouring over the league table as his side push for promotion or the teacher avidly reviewing her class’ exam results.

So it is in the book of Numbers – as we see the stories, see the circumstances, moreover see the God, behind the numbers and suddenly the lists will come alive- they’ll mean something to us. That is what we will see in the coming weeks as we get to grips with this part of God’s word.

This book shows God’s grace in patiently sustaining his grumbling people in the wilderness and bringing them to the border of the promised land, not because of them but in spite of them. It shows God’s gracious dealings with, and presence with, his people- both then and now- who have received salvation but are yet to enjoy it in all its fullness. This exciting book takes us not only on the journey of God’s people, but also points us directly to the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is our prayer that God will use this sermon series to make us ever more like his Son the Lord Jesus Christ.