Sunday Services

Sunday Morning Service

We meet every Sunday at 9:15am, 11:15am and 6:15pm to praise God, speak to him in prayer and hear what he has to say to us. Our morning services at 9:15am and 11:15am are repeats of the same service.  Please choose the time that suits you best.  A typical morning service consists of 5-6 songs, most of them modern, prayers and a talk from the Bible.

There are groups for children from 0-11 years every week, and a group for young people 11-14 years every other week.  These are led by experienced and committed volunteers. Those aged 0-4 (pre-school) start out of the service from the start. Children aged 4-14 (school age) start in the service and then head out to their groups part way through the service. See our Sunday Children & Youth Groups page for more information.

If you aren’t used to going to church you’ll find everything is explained and you are under no obligation to take part in anything you’d find uncomfortable. Church leaders are always on hand to answer any questions you have after the service.

After the morning services have ended, typically from 10:30am-11am and then from 12:30am-1pm tea and coffee are served in the foyer and in the main church auditorium.

Sunday Evening Service

Our 5:15pm service is another opportunity for people of all ages to gather together.  The service includes time singing praise to God, typically 5-6 songs with a mixture of traditional and modern, speaking to God in prayer, reading the Bible and hearing it preached.

Typically the service will end between 6:15pm & 7:30pm. After the service has ended many people stay around to talk together.

Our youth group Frontline (for 14-19s) meets after the evening service. See the Frontline page for more information.